partnership agreement

What’s the key to making partnership agreements true living, breathing documents?  They need to strike a good balance between setting firm procedures while allowing for flexibility in the way your business grows and changes. Not an easy feat. One of the significant ways you can ensure a good working relationship with partnership agreements is to […]


When you’re starting your business, partnership agreements can seem a tedious exercise.  Not only do they take time and careful planning, but also partnership agreements can feel like a bucket of cold water–a real reality dose on your starry-eyed beginnings. Listen in to my BlogTalkRadio interview with Wendy Hanson of The Sassy Ladies, where we cover […]


Business partnerships are easy to begin, tough to maintain. (Equally tough is finding a webcam freeze frame that doesn’t make me look downright goofy). In this video, I’m interviewed by Phil Simon, technology expert, management consultant, and author of the recently-released The Age of the Platform (his 4th book). We cover a range of business partnership issues including: What prompted me […]

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