“protect your intellectual property”

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In response to my teleclass announcement, I had an inquiry from a reader in Illinois who was wondering how she could protect her idea for a product aimed at children and young adults. The first thing to recognize is that intangible ideas cannot, in general, be protected — not by using traditional copyright or trademark […]


“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare. I often wonder what celebrities are thinking when they name their kids Tu (Morrow), Moon Unit (Zappa), or North (West, of Kardashian-West fame). Or not thinking. Somehow, they latch on to an idea … which may have been hilarious after a few too many 3rd trimester appletinis … and […]


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Complaining about someone stealing your IP when you sat on your hands is like complaining that someone broke into your house when you left the front door wide open. If you have items at home that you value, you take steps to protect them. You put a lock on your door. You hire an alarm company. You […]


If you do business on a handshake, don’t be surprised if the price is an arm and a leg. You’re starting your new company on a shoestring budget. You need a hot logo that really speaks to your brand. One of your closest friends is a graphic designer, and she offers to create it for […]