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In response to my teleclass announcement, I had an inquiry from a reader in Illinois who was wondering how she could protect her idea for a product aimed at children and young adults. The first thing to recognize is that intangible ideas cannot, in general, be protected — not by using traditional copyright or trademark […]


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This is a perennial favorite:  “I have no money, but have an idea that’s going to be great.  How can I take steps to launch it on a shoestring?” Q: I have a great diaper idea for the ”on the go mom” that I think is unique. I don’t have money for any startup to manufacture this […]


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Here are 5 ways to prevent others from making money off your products or your image. I’m often asked, “When’s the best time to protect my intellectual property?” The answer (and timing) are the same as they are for installing a burglar alarm: “Right before someone wants to steal your stuff.” “Intellectual property,” or things […]


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Q: What would be the first step for an invention? How can the idea be protected when others will need to be involved in the process of getting the idea to market? A: It’s very difficult to protect an idea, unless you have found some way to “capture” it in a kind of tangible form–such […]


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There’s an old expression: No point closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. In short, you should have taken care of this beforehand, and now it’s too late. Those kinds of situations arise often when entrepreneurs share their ideas. They’re so hot to trot for the concept they developed on a shoestring to […]


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In response to my June 24 post, “Protecting an Idea . . . Like Grasping Smoke?” I was pleased to hear from a reader of this blog, Jason Small, who told me a bit about his experience trying to protect an idea, and what worked and what didn’t for him. With his permission, I’m sharing […]

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I received an e-mail out of the blue recently about how to protect an idea. Not a plan, not a project, not something tangible . . . but a thought about a new approach to pet care. That’s about as much information as I have. Understandably, the entrepreneur was reluctant to disclose the idea because […]