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Entrepreneurs occasionally ask me about the value of forming a nonprofit (“not-for-profit corporation” (NFP) in legalese). I suppose they say, “Hmmm . . . nonprofit . . . that means I don’t have to pay taxes!” And to a certain extent, they’re right. Nonprofits are exempt from paying federal and state income taxes, provided you […]


Q.: Can a partnership use a partner’s family term life insurance policy as a business expense, with the intention of using the policy as a way to buy out the spouse’s interest in the business?   Read on to find out . . . .


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Why open yourself up to personal liability when you don’t need to?  Today’s query comes from someone wanting to know that fundamental first question: “What form of business should I be?” Q.:  I’m wondering what kind of company you would recommend for me to register under for a clothing company. I was thinking going Limited […]


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Investors can be a real boon to your business, but no question–they’ll want a piece of the action.  What’s involved in issuing shares to them? Q: We currently have a market cap of $200,000 (2,000 shares X $100 per share). We were wondering how to authorize new shares to new investors. A: It’s not unusual for companies […]


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When you’re in business by yourself, the math is easy.  But when you have multiple owners, how should you share the spoils?  That’s the nature of this week’s basic training post. Q: How should I divide profits in an LLC? A: Especially in an LLC, you have many options for how to divide your profits. There’s no hard-and-fast […]


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When you start a business and it doesn’t do well, there can be consequences. Financial ones, especially. If you want to stick it to your creditors and walk away from the whole depressing, unprofitable endeavor, you can–that is, you have the ability to, provided that you’ve formed a limited liability entity, and “fraud” is not […]

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Today’s post deals with the conundrum, how to account for business expenses without a company bank account, and how to set up a company without business funds? Q.:  “I recently formed an LLC to create an online store. Because I saved diligently I had enough money in my personal savings account to cover all setup […]


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It’s only Jan. 2 (there was no WAY I was going to touch the computer yesterday), and already I’ve encountered a prime example of plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, or, for those of you Yogi Berra fans, it’s déjà vu all over again.In short, same s**t, different year. My New Year’s wish […]

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In these times of dire economic predictions, here’s a bold query from someone with a little too much cash on her hands. [And yes, I skipped “B”] Q.: It seems as though the larger my company gets, the more profit we show and the more money I just hand away to the government. What are […]


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Oh . . . it’s not what you think it is. This week’s “T” word is TAX. 🙂 Q.: How do I file a business tax return if I am married? I am starting a consulting business (LLC) with my sister; however, I plan to get married in the near future and I am concerned […]