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The year is winding down, and it’s a good time to get a handle on your finances and tax situation. Here are few questions of a financial and tax nature that hearken back to that age-old advice: Get an accountant! Q.: What do I do with credit card finance charges, late fees and over-the-limit fees? […]


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From the “No good deed goes unpunished” department: Q: I deposited more than $20,000 into my business partner’s account under the impression that he would add my name to the new company and to the house I had paid off for him and that he would put my name on the new car title,  too. […]


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OK, so there aren’t many usable “Z” words in this context.  🙂  Today’s Basic Training post revisits that old, old lesson that you can’t just escape or quit your business by walking away. Q.:   What are the ramifications if I walk away from my small business–just turn the keys over to the landlord and walk […]


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This is a perennial favorite:  “I have no money, but have an idea that’s going to be great.  How can I take steps to launch it on a shoestring?” Q: I have a great diaper idea for the ”on the go mom” that I think is unique. I don’t have money for any startup to manufacture this […]


Q.: How can the owners of a company merge three separate businesses located in three different countries?  Each business is owned and operated by the same people. Read on to find out . . . .

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People are getting smart about creating communities online. If you can get people to join, and you provide a benefit at a reasonable cost, chances are you’ll be on your way to building a nice annuity stream. The problem comes (as it does in other kinds of businesses) when the founders want to “sweeten the […]


Q.:  What should I be aware of while creating an LLC with a foreign partner?  My potential partners are in Taiwan and mainland China. What issues should I be careful of before moving forward with my overseas partnership? Read on to find out . . .


Few business partnership situations are as unpleasant as those involving family members. If you “kick the bum out,” will your brother run to Mommy and rat on you? Will you be able to show your face at Thanksgiving dinner if you’ve won the company but lost your family’s support? Read on for the Q&A from […]


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Q:  I have invented something that could almost be considered reinventing the wheel.  Here is my question.  If I built and used my own invention (not just a prototype), would I still have protection if I only have a provisional patent on it? I don’t want to manufacture it myself; I want to sell the […]


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Once again, I’m asked whether you can take what someone else has made and simply sell it to a new market . . . even (and especially) if the original manufacturer hasn’t had the wisdom to move into the new area.  Just think of the money they’re leaving on the table! Unfortunately, in many cases, […]