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Post image for Basic Training: V is for a View on Invention Protection

Q: What would be the first step for an invention? How can the idea be protected when others will need to be involved in the process of getting the idea to market? A: It’s very difficult to protect an idea, unless you have found some way to “capture” it in a kind of tangible form–such […]


Post image for Basic Training: Q is for Quagmires and Family Businesses

Few business partnership situations are as unpleasant as those involving family members. If you “kick the bum out,” will your brother run to Mommy and rat on you? Will you be able to show your face at Thanksgiving dinner if you’ve won the company but lost your family’s support? Here’s today’s quandary: Q.: My brother […]


Post image for Basic Training: K is for Kamikaze Business Formation

You know . . . and I know . . . that faster is not always better, no matter how much the car companies try to push the “0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds” pitch. Think food, sex, rest, travel. You don’t necessarily want to rush these experiences. Quick, split-second decisions are not the best […]

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Post image for Basic Training: A is for Adolescent

Ah, youth. I wish I had been so motivated to change the world when I was a teen. I was more concerned with how geeky I looked in braces and participating in nerdy things like student government. Here’s how this week’s teen wants to make a difference: Q: I am trying to start up a […]


Post image for Basic Training: U is for Using Celebrities in Your Business Idea

Today’s query has to do with celebrities. Dabnabbit!–why don’t they return my calls? Q.: I sent two celebrities a business idea for a website. I never heard a response from them or their companies. Should I continue to write them or find other interested parties? A.: Without knowing the business idea or which celebrities you […]


When business partners go their separate ways, well, it’s a lot like divorce.  There’s the temptation to squibble over “Who gets the cat?” “Who gets the couch?” But unless you’ve clearly outlined in your partnership agreement which of your marbles you’ll get to take home with you when the game is over, you could be […]


Post image for Basic Training: D Is For ‘Is Divorce in the Air?’

D is also for “pawning your DEBT onto someone else.”  I am mightily relieved that this fellow is not my husband: Q.:  I own a business and run it as a DBA. Can I sell it to my spouse? And can my spouse assume all the debt attached to the business?  What do you gain […]


Post image for Basic Training: S is for Stop, Look and License

Any time you want to delve into areas of health or health care, it’s wise to consult a local attorney who’s familiar with those regulations. Otherwise, you could be found to be practicing medicine without a license . . . which gets you into a world of hurt. Q.: “I am a licensed practical nurse […]


Post image for Basic Training: R is for Re-evaluating Your Road Map, Website or Not

Is Mercury in retrograde? Because it seems that I’m encountering a lot of people who are rushing into selling stuff, with nary a thought for how to run it like a business. Q.: “I have a website I’d like to start. It’s currently online and I would like to sell a product that is 100 […]


Post image for Starting a hotel … and a strip club

A few tidbits before I’m off for the Columbus Day holiday: Q:I want to start a grand hotel chain across the country. I’m thinking big, maybe too big. For example, I’m designing a hotel/theater/casino complex. I’m estimating that the first one from start to finish will cost tens of if not hundreds of millions. I […]


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