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Often because, in short, they don’€™t ask for it. I was chatting with Bunmi Zalob, publisher of WomenEntrepreneur.com’€™s Secret to Serenity blog, about “€œplaying small.” And why women seem to do it. The sad truth is that studies show that women do it to themselves over and over. A recent study showed that female entrepreneurs are far […]


Venture capital attorney Jennifer Hill took a few minutes with me to talk about business owners who are raising capital – and what they need to know so that they avoid making big, costly mistakes. Jennifer and I spoke about working with traditional venture capital and private equity firms and the changing landscape of crowd-funding, […]

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In a word, “enough.” See what Chris Dixon has to say, via VentureHacks.  


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As access to credit gets tighter in the “new economy,” many business owners may look to friends and family to help them get through the lean times. Friends and family are a tried-and-true source of funds. That said, business deals with friends and family can be enormously counterintuitive. Because you’re dealing with your college roommate […]