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6 smart ways to ensure your peace of mind and your company’s protection against loss. Few things in business–or in life–provide you with an ironclad guarantee. There’s no assurance of 100 percent success or 100 percent protection. That’s something to consider when it comes to the potential for lawsuits. There’s no way to absolutely, positively […]

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For more on deadbeat business partners, here’s another thought:  if you have been running your business as a general partnership, you are both “jointly and severally liable” for the debts of the partnership.  This means that a creditor could come after you for the full amount of the debt, or your partner.  They don’t have […]


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Here are tips to help you avoid multiple headaches from having multiple business lines. Tough times call for creative measures. So it’s no surprise that many of the entrepreneurs I’ve encountered are taking on something new: a new line of business, a new venture, a new alliance, a new target market. Let’s look at a […]


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You’d think that would be self-explanatory. But with the proliferation of the internet, holistic products and that gray area of “wellness,” who’s to say? Today’s Basic Training entrepreneur already had a website selling a product that’s 100 percent natural. She didn’t disclose the product to me but says that it could be perceived as medicine […]