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Well, is it?  Have you created a company or a product line that someone might want to buy, or have you worked yourself into a job where, if you take time off, you don’t earn money? If you’re in the New York City area, join me at the Brain Exchange Roundtable from 6 to 8 […]


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Ah, wouldn’t it be nice . . . to cash out of your business and have the time, freedom and buckaroos to lounge in Tahiti, build that extra extension on the house or give to the charity of your choice. But there’s more that has to go on behind the scenes–before you get to that […]


After reading some stats on the growth of women-owned companies, I was tempted to get depressed. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce (2010), 88% of all women business owners are sole proprietorships without employees. 80% of all women-owned businesses earn less than $50,000.  (It’s not so fabulous for men-owned businesses either: 77% for ownership […]


I recently spoke at a seminar on the subject of buying and selling a business.  One of the most common reasons that sellers don’t get the price they want is that they wait until the last minute before they’re ready to sell.  That is, they wait until they’re burned out, bored … or dead (in […]

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