small business success

Every small business used to want to appear big – the bigger the better. But, the times have changed and what used to work has shifted into something else. Barry Moltz, a small business consultant, speaker and author of the recently-released Small Town Rules, talked to me about these changes. He tells me that consumers […]


I was able to grab a few minutes at the New York Times Small Business Summit with Richard Oceguera, the energetic President of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce of New York. The organization, known as the NGLCCNY, is a business advocate and a direct link between LGBT business owners and those who […]


When I had a few minutes with Technology Evangelist Ramon Ray, founder of, he surprised me. This technology guru recommended that small business owners push back from technology a bit to get the things done that we need to do! Ramon and I chatted about productivity obstacles that small businesses create for themselves and […]


No, not the one that is filled with coffee filters and stale snacks. What does your “kitchen cabinet” of business advisers look like? Known as “The Small Biz Lady,” Melinda Emerson, small business consultant, speaker and author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, took a moment with me at the New York Times […]


Venture capital attorney Jennifer Hill took a few minutes with me to talk about business owners who are raising capital – and what they need to know so that they avoid making big, costly mistakes. Jennifer and I spoke about working with traditional venture capital and private equity firms and the changing landscape of crowd-funding, […]

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