From the Benefits-Outweigh-Burdens Department:  Rob Smorfitt, a serial entrepreneur, small business blogger, and Ph.D. candidate in South Africa, has looked into (and lived through) many business partnerships.  His research indicates that partnerships are a key factor in both entrepreneurial success and (perhaps even) personal stress reduction.  Read his post to find out more!


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A recent survey by online payroll service SurePayroll reveals that more than 80 percent of small business owners believe e-mail is a key element in the success of their business. But email can also cause legal problems for entrepreneurs . . . something not highlighted in the survey. Email is not reliable. In a very […]


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Gotta toot my horn on this one:  Making It Legal made SheTakesOnTheWorld’s list of the Top 30 Business and Entrepreneurship Blogs by Women!  I’m joining illustrious company such as Escape from Cubicle Nation, Sparkplugging, Ali Brown’s Blog and Diva Marketing. Now you’ll excuse me while I go do my “happy dance” in the living room.  […]

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I’ve written a lot about choosing the right business partner, but as I was trolling the Internet, perusing article on the numbers of people laid off and contemplating entrepreneurship (whether by choice or by default), the thought struck me: Your “home office” environment is a huge factor in the success (or failure) of your enterprise.  Melinda […]

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These days, I’m seeing a number of business owners come to me, looking to dissolve their companies.  But not the for the reasons you may think. Business is fine — okay, maybe not going gangbusters, but doing alright.  Everyone’s healthy.  It’s that the tighter times have made them re-evaluate what they’re doing and whom they’re […]


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With the July Fourth holiday upon us, what are you doing to declare your independence? Have you found ways to streamline your business so that you’re not enslaved to repetitious drudgery? One of the best-known phrases from the Declaration of Independence reads: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, […]


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What are the odds?  Is your business primed for success, financially? If you’d like to know (and “knowledge is good“), then check out StartUp Nation’s “Success Calculator.”  Perhaps the most important question is “timeframe.”  It gets you to think about your real goals for your company and where you want to be in one to […]


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If I could find a word to sum up the best way to deal with employees, I think the word would be consistency. It’s a lack of consistency that often gets employers in trouble with discrimination laws, even if they didn’t intend to discriminate. Picture this: Aybeesee Company hires its first employee (Jim, a 22-year-old […]

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Like Josh Mullineaux, I was bombarded with messages as a kid, cautioning me to think about my actions:  “You are what you eat.”  (I’m chocolate cake?) “Birds of a feather flock together.” and “If everyone else were going to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you?”  But it’s only recently that I started to realize just […]


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Hooah! (Or Oorah! for those of you who prefer the Marines) Here’s some tough talk for you: If you’re reading this on December 31 (or January 1), get the “eff” off the computer and treat yourself to some down time. I’ve seen firsthand how running myself ragged can negatively affect my health–and if you don’t put […]