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As a winner of the SBA’s Women in Business Champion of the Year Award during Small Business Week [see the press release here], I was invited (required?) to give a short speech.  3-5 minutes. Now I’m not one to shy away from an opportunity to address an audience (“kosher ham” that I am).  But the challenge […]

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Women-owned companies that need help with small business need look no further than software engineer Laurie Simon and her Kirkland, Washington Ombrella Consulting.  I had the pleasure of encountering Laurie because she beat me. 🙂 No, not literally, but figuratively in this year’s SBA Small Business Awards.  As some of you may recall, I had the […]


The U. S. Small Business Administration named me a Women in Business Champion of the Year, and I’m mighty pleased. As you may be able to commiserate, there are the dog days as a woman business owner (or just a business owner) where–like the tree-in-the-forest riddle–I wonder: if I stop doing what I’m doing, would […]