The Entrepreneur’s Prenup, a Business-Partnership Workbook

How to Choose a Business Partner Who Won’t [BLEEP] You!

Here is the good news: Statistics tell us that a partnership is 4x more likely to succeed than a sole proprietorship. And here is the bad news: When you put two entrepreneurs together, challenges arise. I have expertly crafted the Entrepreneur’s Prenup to provide guidance for entrepreneurs entering into a partnership.

This guide is designed especially for entrepreneurs considering a partnership or those with an existing partnership.

What is in the Entrepreneur’s Pre-Nup?

  • The legal ins and outs of a business partnership
  • A Compatibility Test, a unique approach to understand if you’ve found the right business mate.
  • Tips on how to make the relationship more profitable and fulfilling
  • The nitty-gritty details of your partner pre-nup, including how to gather what you need and how to professionally structure your discussions
  • Exercises for you and your partner to discuss areas like:
    • Money
    • Culture
    • Roles
    • Navigation
    • Exit
  • A special section for those who are partnering with a family member. Having a family member — especially a spouse — as a business partner raises issues of their own.
  • A special section for those who are working with investors. They may be called “silent” partners, but make no mistake: angels will become very vocal if you’re mismanaging their investment.
  • Money Mindset mp3 Recording and Action Sheet
  • Free shipping and handling

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The Hard-Copy 3 Piece Package Includes:

      • 175 Page Soft Cover Book
      • 3 Audio CDs
      • 46 Page Workbook of the Entire Program
      • $597

The Digital, Downloadable 3 Piece Package Includes:

      • 175 Page PDF eBook
      • 16 mp3 Audio Files
      • 46 Page PDF Workbook of the Entire Program
      • $497

Listen in to hear Nina talk about How to Choose the Right Business Partner and change your Business from Tailspin to Steady!

Karla Lightfoot, Market Director NYC|NJ

Ladies Who Launch

Nina, I can’t begin to tell you how helpful the partnership questions from your book were. Not only did they help guide our thinking, but more importantly, they helped us save time and money by enabling us to delve into the toughest partnership issues. Our attorney was incredibly impressed at how well prepared we were and how much we knew about building a strong partnership. Because of the wisdom your book imparted, we were able to discuss issues we weren’t even aware were so important and in the long run our business has weathered many bumps and thrived in a spirit of open communication.

Your advice helped me realize that it’s never too early for planning and self-evaluation (e.g. money mindset, expectations, exit strategies). On a personal note, your humor as a moderator was much appreciated (a real treat for a West Coaster like me). I know entrepreneurs who could benefit from The Entrepreneur’s Prenup; I’ll be sure to let them know about it

What’s In It For You?

After you complete this home study course, you will have a lot to show for it! What happens when you’re finished?

  • You have done all the due diligence to make sure you and your business partner truly are compatible.
  • You have answered a number of the questions that business attorneys and accountants will ask you, thereby cutting short the time they need for fact-finding. In other words, you save time and money in working with professional advisors!
  • You have the foresight to avoid business partnership “cow pies”.
  • You have a good sense of the “gaps” in your skill sets so that you can build a stronger internal team and external advisory team.

Monique C.M. Leahy

Wordsworth Law & Medicine Publications

  I wanted you to know how I enjoyed the teleconference on The Entrepreneur’s Prenup! I thought I’d just listen, then ended up taking several pages of notes. I hadn’t heard the description of “money mind-set” put that way before – very interesting, and so true.


Home Study Hard Copy Package: $597

Downloadable, Electronic Package: $497

P.S.: Want to know why exchanging credit check information with your partner is so vital to your company growth? Make sure to get your copy of The Entrepreneurs Prenup and zero in on Chapter 7 (no joke!) to find out!

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