The Entrepreneur’s Prenup, a Business Partnership Toolkit

Choose a Business Partner Who Won’t [BLEEP] You

Avoid 6-figure “business divorce” with our Entrepreneurs Prenup toolkit, a comprehensive guide to navigating the toughest—and often hidden—obstacles to partnership success.


There are smart reasons to seek out business partners. Statistics say a partnership is 4x more likely to succeed financially than a sole proprietorship. But they also say business partnership failures in the U.S. are about 50-75% each year.


Because you don’t know what you don’t know 

And you won’t know if you don’t ask.

Many partnerships get off-course because of what business owners didn’t know and didn’t ask at the start. Just a few smart questions can avoid a major minefield.

But most resources on business partnerships tell only parts of the story. They focus just on partnership communication, without the legal guidance around “what if” things go wrong. Or, they drill down into mind-boggling minutiae about buy/sell agreements and business valuation, without speaking to “what will make us a successful team?

Business competition. Two colleagues having disagreement and con


The Entrepreneurs Prenup is a plain-English toolkit that gives you the right questions to ask.

Our book (text and audio) and companion workbook cover the top 13 business partnership issues you’ll likely encounter.


Each easy-to-digest chapter takes no more than 15 minutes. Plus, the workbook exercises help you short-cut your headaches and your legal expenses. Better yet, you’ll create a business partnership founded on trust, integrity, and shared values—so you go into it with eyes wide open.

For less than the price of a 1/2-hour legal consultation,

you’ll gain 20 years of legal and business wisdom.

 Hard Copy Edition $297                         


Instant Download $197



What you’ll find in the toolkit

 icon-compatibilityCompatibility   A Compatibility Test to confidentially understand if you’ve found the right partner



icon-profitabilityProfitability   Guidelines on how to make the business more profitable (and the relationship more fulfilling)


icon-integrityThe Integrity Test   An exploration of the values you share (or don’t) —like honesty, accountability, punctuality—and what to do about the differences.


familyicon   Family and Investors   The special issues arising when business partners are family members or investors. 


icon-partnershipPartnership Agreement Details   The nitty-gritty details of your partnership agreement, so you can use professional advisors more cost-effectively.


icon-exercisesPartner Exercises   Partner Exercises that facilitate discussions around finances, culture, and the ever-important exit planning


icon-skill-setA Skill-Set Gap Analysis   A Skill-Set Gap Analysis so you can build a strong team of internal staff and external advisors


casestudiesCase Studies   Case studies that you can follow to see what worked, what didn’t and why.


Why listen to me?

I’mninakaufman-headshot_dress_150x158 Nina Kaufman, a nationally-recognized small business attorney. For over 20 years, I’ve advised 1,000s of entrepreneurs on how to navigate business partnerships. I am a sought-after expert on on these issues and I’ve led many seminars——for Office Depot’s Web Café, the U.S. Small Business Administration, Wells Fargo Bank, the New York Times Small Business Summit, and the Kauffman Foundation, among many others. The U.S. Small Business Administration named me their regional Women in Business Champion of the Year, and Forbes Magazine considers me an influencer on the subject of entrepreneurship. And, I don’t just talk the talk – I walk the walk (I had my own business partnership for over a decade.)



The Entrepreneur’s Prenup saves you

Time, Money and Aggravation!

If I sat down to personally guide you through all the information in The Entrepreneur’s Prenup—at my hourly rate of $400—the bill would come close to $5,000! And you’d still need to work with your attorney to hammer out your partnership agreement.

Imagine avoiding the issues that [BLEEP] a partnership …

for less than you’d pay for a 1/2-hour legal consultation!


Hard Copy Edition $297                         


Instant Download $197


TOOLKIT DETAILS: The Entrepreneur’s Prenup book, covering the 13 key business partnership issues…

org-checkmark-36x39Audio files to listen to while you’re on-the-go
org-checkmark-36x39Workbook with questions and exercises to uncover the factors that impact your partnership (and nip them in the bud, now) PLUS– our bonus Money Mindset teleclass recording, so you and your partner see the same shade of “green”
org-checkmark-36x39A Compatibility Test to confidentially understand if you’ve found the right mate
org-checkmark-36x39Guidelines on how to make the business more profitable (and the relationship more fulfilling)
org-checkmark-36x39The nitty-gritty details of your partnership agreement, like how to structure your discussions
org-checkmark-36x39Partner Exercises that facilitate discussions around finances, culture, and the ever-important exit planning
org-checkmark-36x39Special advice for those partnering with a family member or investors
org-checkmark-36x39Guidelines on how to make sure each partner’s expectations are addressed
org-checkmark-36x39The Integrity Test: An exploration of the values you share (or don’t)—like honesty, accountability, punctuality—and what to do about it
org-checkmark-36x39The questions that attorneys and accountants will ask you, so you can come to meetings prepared and cut short the billable time that they need
org-checkmark-36x39A Skill-Set Gap Analysis so that you can build a strong internal team and external advisors
org-checkmark-36x39Examples and case studies of partnerships that worked—and didn’t—and why
org-checkmark-36x39Money Mindset mp3 Recording and Action Sheet

YOU GET IT ALL with your purchase of The Entrepreneur’s Prenup.


Hard Copy Edition $297                         


Instant Download $197



What other business owners have said about

The Entrepreneur’s Prenup


Karla Lightfoot, Market Director NYC|NJ

Ladies Who Launch

Nina, I can’t begin to tell you how helpful the partnership questions from your book were. Not only did they help guide our thinking, but more importantly, they helped us save time and money by enabling us to delve into the toughest partnership issues. Our attorney was incredibly impressed at how well prepared we were and how much we knew about building a strong partnership. Because of the wisdom your book imparted, we were able to discuss issues we weren’t even aware were so important and in the long run our business has weathered many bumps and thrived in a spirit of open communication.

Your advice helped me realize that it’s never too early for planning and self-evaluation (e.g. money mindset, expectations, exit strategies). On a personal note, your humor as a moderator was much appreciated (a real treat for a West Coaster like me). I know entrepreneurs who could benefit from The Entrepreneur’s Prenup; I’ll be sure to let them know about it

Monique C.M. Leahy

Wordsworth Law & Medicine Publications

  I wanted you to know how I enjoyed the teleconference on The Entrepreneur’s Prenup! I thought I’d just listen, then ended up taking several pages of notes. I hadn’t heard the description of “money mind-set” put that way before – very interesting, and so true.


Get the roadmap to business partnership success

with The Entrepreneur’s Prenup!

Hard Copy Edition $297                         


Instant Download $197




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