Contract Power Guide: How to Stop Leaving Money On the Table

Small business owners and entrepreneurs know that there’s something far worse than having no clients – it’s having clients that won’t pay!
You bend over backwards to deliver quality to a client, on-time and on-budget. And then the client doesn’t pay. Some clients skip payments and yes – some even skip town.

And then, there are those contract terms can come back to haunt you – there are enough horror stories about that. When you don’t understand the fine print you’re signing, you don’t know how your choices are affecting your business.


When you lose on deals, it erodes your business plan, your cash flow and your profit margin. Stop robbing yourself!

Directly from a small business attorney’s perspective and expertise, this guidebook is a popular tool. In this easy-to-read guidebook free of legalese, Contract Power Guide: How to Stop Leaving Money On the Table, you’ll discover:

  • A wealth of proven guidelines to help you negotiate the major contract issues you’re most likely to face as a small business owner or entrepreneur
  • How to correctly set expectations in your contract
  • The fine print “legalese” that most often shows up in business agreements and contracts—and how to identify what can help or harm you
  • How to set the stage to get paid immediately and without delay
  • How take effective action against delinquents
  • How to screen out “The Undesirables”
  • How to negotiate pricing or other expectations
  • How to identify exactly which factors affect the expectations you set
  • How to lay out precisely what you expect from your clients and what they can and CANNOT expect from you
  • “The Grease the Wheels Clauses” – these are the terms that help resolve disputes more cost-effectively

Common Contract Pitfalls             “Short, concise, and clear – perfect for the busy entrepreneur.”

Lynn San Andres, Past President, National Association of Women Business Owners

“[This] approach truly understands the life of the entrepreneur: pressed for time, resources, and patience. The Guide provides sound, clear guidance that does not overwhelm. This is a resource that no small business should be without.”

Nancy Ploeger, President and Executive Director, Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

Common Contract Pitfalls

What would you pay to wring every possible penny from your contracts? Comparatively, an hour long consultation with an attorney generally costs $300.00+. However, this e-guidebook is only $47.

The information is accessible and free of confusing legal mumbo-jumbo. And you can’t beat the sticker price – $47 is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the money you’ll lose by not knowing which contract snafus to address and avoid. Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean it won’t cost you.

Common Contract Pitfalls


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