Zero (0) Receivables: The System For Getting Paid On Time Every Time

For entrepreneurs, a positive, consistent cash flow is necessary for success.  

yourmoneyDon’t you feel that it’s time for you, as a professional, to stop chasing people around for money? How nice would it be to get paid, in full and on time, for the value that you provide?


Or, does this scenario sound familiar? You complete the work, you send the invoice and you wait…and wait…and wait…for your payment – all the while hoping and wishing and praying that you won’t have to have “the money conversation”.

What about these excuses?

  • “The money is coming in, just wait until this ‘big deal’ closes!” (I’m still waiting.)
  • “I’m just waiting for the economy to pick up.” (Really? My landlord isn’t.)
  • “I didn’t get your invoice. The post office must have lost it.” (Check your trash can, buddy.)

Unless you’re a bank, do not provide interest-free loans on your expertise to clients. Small business attorney Nina Kaufman has expertly created this step-by-step self-study program guaranteed to reduce the time you spent chasing down clients.

This home-study program helps you identify the reasons why your clients don’t pay on time and carefully outlines the types of clients to avoid. This program also shows you how to handle a client’s attempts to negotiate, how to legally take action with delinquents, and how to resolve disputes. This program, developed by accomplished small business attorney Nina Kaufman, helps to effectively handle these types of situations with clients while avoiding costly legal action.

This program includes printable worksheets to help you effectively plan and outline your payment terms and service/product offerings … and do it without expensive legal fees.

This guide is designed especially for entrepreneurs who need decreased receivables, increased cash flow and a way to effectively train clients to pay full fee, every time.

What’s In It For You?

After you complete this home study course, you will have a lot to show for it! What happens when you’re finished?

You’ll discover: 

  • What it’s like to have a solid group of well-screened clients who gladly pay your asking price for services
  • A happier, stress-free work environment where you don’t have to chase anyone down for money
  • How to set standard payment terms to get paid faster
  • The 7 categories of clients to avoid
  • How to reduce “the weasel factor” (“That’s not what I asked for!”)
  • What to do when clients want to negotiate your fees, terms or other expectations
  • The pros and cons of milestone payments
  • How to legally protect yourself against non-payment
  • Time for action: What to do when it’s time to take action with delinquents
  • How to cost-effectively resolve disputes

What is Included:

  • A 55-Minute Audio Program: downloadable and conveniently portable MP3 (listen in your car or at the gym!)
  • A 35-page eBook of the entire seminar – including Q&A – in a downloadable PDF document
  • Printable worksheets to help you plan and outline your payment terms and service/product offerings right away.

Downloadable, Electronic Package Special $197.

Jonathan Ankney

Small Business CFO,

“I’ve been enjoying your program, ‘How to Train Your Clients to Pay You.’ I appreciate the matter-of-fact tips that you offer, the client archetypes, and probably the best advice – to screen clients well!”

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