Are You In The Way of Your Business Growth?

By Nina Kaufman, Esq.

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Do you want to be right or be successful? Today’s guest, Jean Otte, knew from the beginning that her business wasn’t all about her – it was bigger than her, and she’s giving us some great tips on how we can put our egos in the closet without leaving behind our identity or our goals.

Even if you’ve already started your business, you can still build a team, establish a way to check yourself, and still leave room for further growth and learning from all sides of your business plan. Jean also offers great insights on  why she decided to create an advisory board right away and how she went about doing it.

 Are You In The Way of Your Business Growth?

  • How (and why) Jean knew—from the outset—she didn’t want the company dependent on her
  • Why you can’t scale if your ego’s in the way
  • How putting the company first affects strategic decision-making
  • Creating a healthy feedback loop both within your company and with customers
  • How to endure the dark nights of the soul in the entrepreneurial journey

 Jean Otte is the founder and past president of WOMEN Unlimited, Inc., a nationally recognized resource for cultivating leadership excellence and developing high potential female leaders in Fortune 1000 companies. She’s the author of Changing the Corporate Landscape: A Woman’s Guide to Cultivating Leadership Excellence and co-author of Women Are Changing the Corporate Landscape.

Jean had spent 30 years in the corporate world including management positions with McDonald’s, Gillette and National Car Rental. A native of Great Britain, Jean is a frequently keynote speaker and media resource. She has been honored by Lifetime Television, the Committee for 200, the Y.W.C.A. and Girls Inc. in recognition for her efforts in helping women to cultivate leadership excellence.

Words of Wisdom

“What’s Plan B????” – Jean Otte

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