On Business Partnerships and Boyfriends

Posted on November 8, 2013 in Business Partners

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From the department of “Oh, why not just put a stake through my heart?” came an inquiry from a reader who’s working with her boyfriend in his business.

Ugh. Need I say more?

It goes on: He’s having cash-flow problems.

[Something tells me she isn’t getting paid for her efforts]

He’s run the business for 15 years by himself [Nu? After all these years, he can’t hire staff?] and is not prepared to take on a partner [Hmmph].

She’s been helping him with marketing materials, communications with alliance partners and clients, creating e-courses and organizing the website revamp [In other words, helping create valuable intellectual property for his company].

She’s confident in her talents and abilities . . . and that he’ll compensate her fairly [Double hmmph].

The $64,000 question: Should she ask him to “put something in writing“?

What do you think?

[You’ve probably guessed what I think!] 🙂


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