Where Things Fall Apart for Independent Contractors

Posted on January 7, 2014 in Business Essentials

In all my years dealing with contract disputes, I found that “not getting what they expected” is one of the top three reasons clients don’t pay. But, like Freud asked about women, “What do clients want?”

If you are a freelancer or independent professional providing services (especially to other business owners), take heed. Managing expectations is a simple thing to do, but it’s not easy. It requires that you give a lot of thought to the services you’re going to provide, how you will provide them and the anticipated time frame. If you don’t know your business, you can’t communicate this to your clients. And perhaps more important, you’ll want your agreement with your clients (yes, you should have one) to be an accurate reflection of what you’re prepared to do.

Mapping out client expectations is one of the important tools that I provide my program, “How to Train Your Clients to Pay You.

As long as you’re providing a valuable service, you deserve to get paid for it. Learn how to shore up possible miscommunications with your clients, so that you can get the job done and have their check in hand.

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