There’s Money, Honey, for Entrepreneurs

Posted on August 11, 2014 in Strategic Alliances

Don’t get me started on the current credit crisis and the way banks are NOT using the taxpayers’ money to offer loans to small businesses (as they were supposed to), but instead are tightening access to credit like a noose.

So it was refreshing (and not just a little bit of a relief) to see that SOMEone, SOMEwhere (and of COURSE, it’s NOT the public sector) is trying to do something to help entrepreneurs get financing for their companies.

As released on PRNewswire yesterday, The Entrepreneur’s Source just co-branded a “Preferred Financing Program” with Guidant Financial Group to finance aspiring franchise owners and prospective and existing small business owners. The Entrepreneur’s Source (E-Source Coaches) provides a range of coaching services to business owners; Guidant offers a 401(k) Rollover financing product, along with more traditional funding products such as SBA loans, signature loans, and equipment leasing.

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