The Power of ‘One’ in Transforming Your Business

Posted on November 13, 2016 in Planning & Advisors

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As I’ve learned in nearly 15 years in business (gulp! Has it been that long?), change doesn’t need to be–and usually isn’t–a complete and total metamorphosis in one go, like the makeover shows you see on reality TV. It’s a process that unfolds over time. Sometimes, all you need to get to someplace better is one shift, one new action (or one new task to delegate). 

On Small Business Trends, Jason Cohen provides a list of transforming actions you can take, many of which involve doing just one thing.  Not 100 things, all of which need to be accomplished immediately. Just one. One step at a time. They include:

  • Identify one person who can get your company more exposure.
  • Find one metric about your business that you know the least about–and learn more about it.
  • Come up with one thing you could do to increase your conversion rates by 1 percent.
  • Identify one mundane task you could easily outsource.
  • Remove one blog from your feed reader that’s not worth your time; and add one that is (OK, Cohen suggests 5 . . . but why not start with one?)

What’s the one thing you could do today to make your company more productive?  Get in the habit of taking one action at a time and, by the end of the year, you’ll have taken more than 250 steps to reach your goals.  Let me know what you choose!

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