Small Business Summit in NYC–February 11, 2008

Posted on January 27, 2017 in Events & Resources

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For those of you based in the New York area, the Small Business Summit on February 11, 2008, is not to be missed. Focusing on the importance of using technology to streamline and enhance your business, this Third Annual Small Business Summit 2008 is (apparently) the only summit “by business owners for business owners.” This year’s theme is “It’s Time to Reinvent Your Business.”

Full disclosure: I’m slated to speak at the conference, both as part of an introductory “warmup” act (because of my comedy background, I’ve been asked to be funnier, zanier and more “killer” than Robin Williams, but I wouldn’t put money on it) and as part of the late morning panel discussing business reinvention called “From the Trenches.” But this is a conference I would have been eager to attend, even without the speaking opportunities. Come to the Summit.

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