A Business Partner’s Role in Planning

Posted on July 15, 2018 in Business Partners, Planning & Advisors

Sometimes, a break from routine is a good thing.

Had Ari Weinzweig not allowed his business partner, Paul Saginaw, to drag him away from his normal business routine, the Zingerman’s Deli of Ann Arbor might not have reached its $20 million target ahead of schedule.  Saginaw impressed upon Weinzweig the need to step out of routine.  The need to take the time to plan.  Not a three year plan.  Not a five year plan.  A 15 year plan.  What happened, as noted in the Wired GC’s “Build Your Firm, Hold the Pickle,” was “a plan to retain the unique attributes of Zingerman’s (including high levels of service and premium pricing) but grow the business . . . [rebuffing] repeated approaches to sell, merge or franchise.”  And because of the plan, the partners were able to grow the business, retain their premium pricing, and become even more successful than they had hoped!

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