Copyrightable Content from My Blog Has Just Been Ripped Off!

Posted on November 6, 2018 in IP & Social Media

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This is becoming a burgeoning issue – and I’ve just found myself on the victim’s side of it!!

Thanks to the way set up my blog, I’m able to see some of the comments and trackbacks to follow where my blog content is ending up in cyberspace.I followed one trackback link to another site . . . only to find that an entire blogpost of mine had been taken and posted onto this other person’s blog.

Now ordinarily, I’d enjoy the free publicity, but what didn’t feel quite right was that there was no obvious attribution to me or the blog (such as, “Here, in an amazing flourish of brilliance, is Nina Kaufman’s post on BlahBlahBlah . . . “).Yes, the header was hyperlinked back to Making it Legal, but if you didn’t know to look for it, the first impression was that the content-taker was the author.Not cool.Not “fair use” under the Copyright Act (from my interpretation of it).Not the spirit of “sharing” that is supposed to underlie our social media interactions.For what’s the good of having my content plastered all over the Internet if no one knows it’s mine?

Therefore, I have emailed the content-taker, thanking “CT” for the link, but requesting attribution.I’ll give CT about a week to comply and then make a phone call.I will keep you posted on what happens next . . . but if I don’t get either the attribution (which I would prefer) or the removal of the post, I’m prepared to alert the blog’s hosting company and alert them to copyright infringement on their servers.

The most galling part of this?CT is a lawyer!

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