Awkward! Managing Potentially Sticky Work Situations

Posted on November 30, 2018 in Employee Issues

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“Been there, lived it,” you say.  Crazy co-workers, back-stabbing co-workers, co-workers who babble on all day and won’t SHUT UP enough to let you focus and do your job, co-workers who seem to wear every sensitivity on their sleeve (as well as those who trample over you like a bull in a china shop).

You’ve known the nightmares . . . which may have been part of what catapulted you into entrepreneurship.  But now you’re the boss, and you’re finding out that managing people is often like herding cats.

Awkward work situations seem to follow us around–perhaps they’re part of the human condition.  But how can you manage them?  In Entrepreneur magazine, Chris Pentilla outlines 10 scenarios that can keep you up at night, ranging from the “oh, no you di’int (a la Rosie Perez) to the nail-biting, including:

  • The office romance
  • TMI: Did I really need to know about your STD test?
  • The vengeful, laid-off employee
  • The annoying wedding planner
  • The drunk on the job
  • The secret thief (where did those legal pads go?)

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