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Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.

An award-winning small business attorney in New York City, Nina is a sought-after professional speaker and Entrepreneur Magazine online contributor. She is the go-to counsel for knowledge economy and creative companies, delivering legal services and educational resources that save them time, money, and aggravation.

Posted on February 28, 2019 in All Systems Go!


“When you’re not fishing, be mending the nets.” ~ Irish proverb

I look down at my Staples® five-subject spiral notebook, slowly filling with notes and ideas and jottings about how I run my business. Summer is usually a quiet time for my business. It gives me time to “mend the nets.” To look carefully at what’s working–and what’s not. To stop reinventing the wheel every time I get a business card or make a referral or onboard a client.

Kathleen MundyAnd just when I was so proud of myself for starting the painstaking yet valuable task of documenting my business systems, I interviewed franchise maven Kathleen Mundy. What did I discover? That instead of creating my own business from scratch, I could have bought into a proven, successful business model … and avoided a lot of these headaches.

How? With a franchise.

Franchises are about way more than just flipping burgers. Listen in as Kathleen and I talk about:

  • How franchises are a viable method to build a legacy
  • Why you need a “CEO mindset” to build a team and make the tough decisions
  • What financial literacy challenges business owners (women especially) face
  • Top questions to ask to evaluate whether a franchise is solid … or snake oil

About Kathleen Mundy

From a successful real estate career, to unemployed single mother, to unsurpassed entrepreneur/business coach/mentor, Kathleen Mundy’s is a riches-to-rags-to-riches story.

Kathleen turned a small investment into a multi-million dollar business in just five years.  She’s a business coach and CEO of Making Your Own Money™, a company committed to helping women (and really smart men) reach their full potential and independence in the entrepreneurial world and secure a better future. And, she is the co-author of Reading Between the Wines and the best-selling novel, Succeeding Against All Odds.

A dynamic presenter, Kathleen speaks from experience and provides practical insights to her audiences.  She will soon launch the Franchise Success Academy, and her workshop “Is Franchising the Answer?” both of which offer tips and tools to understand franchise business models and the skill sets needed to run them effectively.

For more information, visit www.MakingYourOwnMoney.com and www.FranchiseSuccessAcademy.com. You can also follow Kathleen on Twitter and Facebook.

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