More on NDAs–From an Angel Investor

Posted on August 6, 2020 in Business Transactions, IP & Social Media

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I first met David Greer, angel investor and entrepreneur, when he weighed in on my Business Partnership Central blog on the importance of having a written shareholders’ agreement–and how that freed him up (when he sold out his interest) to sail the Mediterranean for two years (drool).

Now he offers some handy insights to follow up on my post, “How to Speed-Read an NDA,” which I’m delighted to share with you.  David writes:

Thanks so much for the article on NDAs. As an angel investor and entrepreneur, I see those all the time, and I am often required to sign them.

Under the “Confidential Information” section, I also look for who is disclosing to whom. I have seen “one way” NDAs. That is, the information disclosed to me is confidential, but the information that I disclose is not. As I see so many technologies and companies, I am very careful about information I disclose and to whom, making sure that I do mark confidential information as confidential. That doesn’t help if I’ve signed an NDA where the other party isn’t going to keep my information confidential. One of those little “gotchas” that you can pick up in a quick reading of an NDA.

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