7 Tips for Finding a Good CPA

Posted on December 13, 2020 in Planning & Advisors

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Mani Malarvannan gives some helpful tips in finding a good CPA in his aptly-titled article, “€œ7 Tips for Finding a Good CPA,” in the Small Business Informer. He also points out the importance of preparing for the interviews with these CPAs by having a list of questions you might want to ask. He alludes to a few of them in his article, which I think are very insightful, for example, €œwhat kinds of strategies or tips have you given to your clients to help them save money?

Personally, I think the suggestion that €œyou show the CPA your company’€™s past accounting statements and ask to comment and provide advice for the same is probably not something that a CPA would prefer to do off the cuff in an initial interview, and/or without getting paid. Usually, the purpose of an initial interview is to determine if you and the CPA feel comfortable with the skill sets, chemistry, and fee structure. Going into an analysis of prior financial statements takes more time and depth.

For more questions to ask during an initial interview, listen in to my free postcast on Choosing and Using Attorneys at my Wise Counsel Press site. Many fo the questions are perfectly suited for screening other professionals (like CPAs) whom you’ll want to have on youor business team!

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