When Copyright Infringement Isn’t Entirely A Bad Thing

Posted on January 3, 2021 in IP & Social Media

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… That is, if you’re the one being infringed.

Disclaimer: I am neither advocating that you rip off anyone else’s content nor recommending that you sit idly by should it happen to you. But sometimes, it can work to your advantage… especially if the people using it are “fans,” where at least some form of atttribution is made to you.

That’s what Sandra Aistars, Time Warner Cable’s assistant general counsel, intimated at a recent digital rights management conference in New York City, reported in Mediapost’s Just an Online Minute. Especially when the use of the content is in the form of parody or other fair use or commentary, it may be in your interest to refrain from bringing an infringement lawsuit if the restraint helps foster a more robust fan base.

But it’s not always easy to tell which uses will be to your benefit. So make sure you consult with an attorney who knows this area.

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