All Systems Go!

The article screams “ICU Nurse Finds Joy (and Money) Launching Skin Care Line!” Alright, maybe it doesn’t scream, but it is 4am and I can’t sleep. My mind revs like a car in neutral. I go into the bathroom, where I keep my stash of light reading (“light” as in not hard news, law, or […]


I’m full-out body length in squishy, watery mud, groveling on my elbows and knees to squirm through a tunnel. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was Tim Robbins’s workout for the prison break scene in The Shawshank Redemption, minus the stench. At first, I’m tempted to squeal and jump out, but it’s warm […]


“We’re like lobsters,” said Nancy. “If we don’t grow, we die.” Nancy and I are at a speaking workshop in Orlando, led by world-renowned speaker Les Brown. We’ve been through 8 straight hours of drills, one-on-one coaching, and partner feedback in a cramped conference room. I’m worn out. It’s taking all of my energy just […]


“I only want to focus on 3 things,” says Caryn. “But who will do the rest?” Burned out, tired, and constantly pulled away from her family, Caryn Kopp reached her limit. Her company, Kopp Consulting, helps clients get new clients.  Get meetings with high-level corporate decision makers. So successful, she was continually being squeezed. Because […]


My life has become an M. Night Shyamalan film. More specifically, Signs. If you’ve never seen it (and no worries about a spoiler alert, here), it involves a former priest, Graham (played by Mel Gibson), whose wife died in a horrific car accident. He has two children: a son, Morgan, who is asthmatic; and a […]


The word “motivate” means “to stimulate towards action.”  I emphasize towards because too often, we hear of stories where it’s only the threat of the lash (and termination) that keeps employees in their seats … for fear of losing their income. But that’s not motivation—as in moving forward.  That approach doesn’t bring your team happily […]


“Pole dancing? Pole dancing would be considered fun! Where’s the risk in pole dancing?” Nelly cries. Nelly’s the CTO of Webgrrls International and the TechSpeak Bootcamp. We’re sipping hot mint tea in a cozy Upper West Side café. Two women business leaders, finally meeting face-to-face after months of email exchange. “W-w-w-ell, it would totally challenge […]


I’m sitting in a café with my good friend—mental health stigma expert, keynote speaker, and professional drummer—Mike Veny. We’ve been chatting up a storm, both having to be somewhere else soon, but pushing the departure envelope because one topic so naturally tumbles into another, like the gentle cycle of clothes in the dryer. The check […]


I was having lunch the other day with Sam. His business is bursting at the seams—a problem you think he’d be thrilled to have—yet, he’s losing his mind. “So much of my day is spent maintaining what I’ve already built—it’s like I can’t escape the daily grind. I haven’t take a day off all year!” […]

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Imagine: you’ve just purchased a new home with your beloved, and are planning to wed in a matter of months. He’s considerate–wanting you to sleep through the night, though he suffers from back pain and has to get up periodically. You’ve developed a robust small business consulting practice. Your sweetie, new to entrepreneurship (having parted […]