Repeat Performance

I was having lunch the other day with Sam. His business is bursting at the seams—a problem you think he’d be thrilled to have—yet, he’s losing his mind. “So much of my day is spent maintaining what I’ve already built—it’s like I can’t escape the daily grind. I haven’t take a day off all year!” […]

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As you look back on the past year, and think about planning for the future, you’ll ask yourself a question reminiscent of New York City’s former Mayor Ed Koch, “How’m I doin’?” So how are you doing? Did you have a good year and meet your targets? Is your business healthy, with a strong foundation? […]


Author and entrepreneur Michael Gerber was quoted as saying, “Businesses fail not because their dream is too big, but because their dream is too small and too realistic to sustain the life they want.” Simply put, the measure of your success (financial and otherwise) is in direct proportion to how big your vision is. It’s […]

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I’ve worked with many clients who have an online business. They focus on the logos. The sales pages. The product funnel. Conversion rates. But what’s the #1 element they tend to ignore? Their website terms and conditions. An e-commerce website is a business. It just happens to be located online instead of in bricks and […]


On a recent trip to Santa Monica, my husband and I stopped into 24 Hour Fitness Express. Armed with a free three-day pass and dressed to sweat, I was ready to climb the Stairmaster and pretend to work off the previous night’s dark chocolate lava cake dessert. Only there was a problem—I hadn’t carefully read […]


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Does this sound like you: “I’ll just work harder and sell more stuff/get more clients. That’ll turn my financials around.” Well, as Jay Goltz says in his FSB article, “Why Small Businesses Fail,” working harder won’t fix a broken businesses model.  You’ll either face burnout, or worse, a bevy of legal headaches resulting from your […]

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