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Post image for Basic Training: Yams, Cranberries and Turkey–Oh My!

The only training going on today is the training for my stomach to expand past all reasonable girth.  I’m staring down not one, but two holiday meals–the blessing (and curse) of having parents and in-laws in close proximity. Close, but not close enough for the families to come together for one meal . . . and […]


An oldie, but a goodie: Rick Georges’ Top 10 Reasons There Weren’t Any Lawyers on the Mayflower.  And thanks to Rush Nigut, Esq. for bringing it to my attention. Happy holidays!


Owning a successful business takes lots of different knowledge and know-how to get it running smoothly—which includes avoiding risks.  Yet many entrepreneurs forge full steam ahead without professional legal advice … for a variety of reasons. Cost. Fear. Ego, to name a few. But without it, seemingly small missteps like “oops, my independent contractor should […]


Post image for Making Time to Breathe . . . and Celebrate

From north of the border (Canada) comes some really great advice to help get you jazzed for the upcoming holidays: Find things to celebrate! Yes, you may already be looking back on 2009 as a real stinker, but I’m sure you can find some high points, too. Here are some of the morale-boosting tips that Tana […]


Post image for 101 Tips from 50 Small Business Bloggers

Inspirational, thought-provoking and handy is this list of 101 Tips from 50 Small Business Bloggers, compiled by Gregory Go.  I particularly liked fellow attorney Anthony Cerminaro‘s comment:  “If you don’t like what you’re doing, try something else.”  Kinda reminds me of the comedian Henny Youngman‘s comments:  “If at first you don’t succeed … so much […]


Post image for Never Again: Honoring September 11th

Although my colleague, Howard Greenstein, wrote his post “How to Honor September 11th” several years ago, I still think it has enormous value today. Wouldn’t it be something if we really could turn this day into a day of community service? On September 11th, people made the ultimate sacrifice for our ignoring the warning signs […]


As reported by Venturneer’s founder, Geri Stengel, according to the British Journal of Psychology, sharing personal experiences with others is critical to handling change effectively.  That’s what teenage girls do so effectively . . . and entrepreneurs could stand to do a little better.    


Post image for The Insider’s Guide to Networking on the Golf Course

Although I wrote this article as an “ode to the end of summer,” it applies just as well at the beginning.  The invitations may be fewer and farther between in this economy, but you may still get invited to a golf outing or two this season.  I used to approach them with dread (especially as […]


Post image for Should You Do Business With Friends?

Adhere to the following 4 ground rules if you want to keep the friendship. Should you . . . or should you not . . . do business with friends? The short and obvious answer is: It depends. Whatever side of the deal you’re on–giver or receiver–here are some ground rules to consider: Only do business […]


Post image for Smart Networking for Client Pipeline Growth

One of the key components of a strong business is making sure you always have “stuff” in the pipeline. As we move into summer and the (theoretically) warmer weather, there are lots of delicious options for networking. Outdoor terraces, harbor cruises, events in public parks–they’re a wonderful way to enjoy a bit of natural beauty […]

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