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Let’s face it: Once you’re headed to the courthouse to collect a bad debt, you’ve lost. Lost, because you rarely, if ever, get 100 cents on the dollar. Lost, because you lost time and energy dealing with the situation. Lost, because you had a client who likely will never return. As Monica Mehta writes in […]


Post image for Your Client Base: Silk Purses or Sows’ Ears?

Are we taking whatever walks through the door because we’re afraid there won’t be another piece of business .  .  . ever? There’s an old adage, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” You could have the best possible systems in place for handling your clients and delivering your services. But […]


Post image for Mishandling Clients: How We Become Our Own Worst Enemy

 When the going gets tough, the tough take a close look at how they handle their clients and customers. Who’s generating a less-than-fair fee for you? Who makes you cringe when you hear their voice on the other end of the line? Who’s always finding a way to drag out the payments? Yes, there is […]


When the relationship’s not working, it’s time to cut the ties. It’s 11 o’clock on a Friday night, and you’re furious. Once again, a major client has called at the last minute and needs you to finesse a campaign. A campaign that absolutely, positively has to launch on Monday. Come Monday, the campaign is done and […]


Post image for The Customer Is Never Wrong — But Is It the Wrong Customer?

“Can I talk to you personally?” asked Linda. She seemed a little hesitant, so after we ran into each other at a networking event recently, we sat down over coffee. Linda had given some marketing work to a mutual colleague, Ingrid, whom I’ve known for many years. “I have to tell you that, categorically, I […]


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“Can I? Can I?” I hear you asking. Well, you’re asking the wrong question. The issue is not whether you can download your client contracts from the internet, it’s whether you should.  And once you do (because you know you’re going to do it, right?), how can you get the best use out of doing so? Downloading […]

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Post image for The Devil Is in the Details

I hear a lot of complaints from business owners about not getting paid . . . cash flow is an issue . . . and they’re concerned about meeting their own obligations. But when we start to explore how they can protect themselves from slow payers, I find that they’ve often left themselves exposed. Here […]


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We entrepreneurs have certainly faced kinder, gentler economic climates in our day. Cash–and cash flow–are king (or queen–choose the sovereign of your choice). Here are some of the top tips offered by Mike McDerment, founder and CEO of FreshBooks, an online invoicing and time-tracking service: Bill clients early. Make bill-paying simple. Request partial payments earlier […]


Post image for Should You Do Business With Friends?

Adhere to the following 4 ground rules if you want to keep the friendship. Should you . . . or should you not . . . do business with friends? The short and obvious answer is: It depends. Whatever side of the deal you’re on–giver or receiver–here are some ground rules to consider: Only do business […]


Post image for The Snags in Doing Business with Friends

It’s so easy to get sucked into an awkward spot when doing business with friends. It can start out as an exchange of expertise (a barter of the minds, if you will). Add in a dollop of friendly advice and MasterMinding. Mix together in a bowl . . . and watch the uglies emerge. One […]