Bad Clients

Q.:  I own a pet-sitting business. Can I charge interest to my clients if they don’t pay within, say, a month? A.:  You cannot charge interest – and expect them to pay it — if you have not previously notified your clients that you will do so if payment is late.  That’s changing the terms […]


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Cash (flow) is king, especially in a challenging economy. But there are ways you can ensure that you get paid in a timely manner.  Jamie Herzlich’s article in Newsday gives some handy pointers, including: Staying on top of unpaid invoices Developing a system for handling them Putting payment plans in place ASAP (if full payment […]

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Q.:  I own a small hair salon. A customer recently received services, then said she forgot her wallet and would return later in the day with her payment. She never came back. She has done business with us before but is not a regular customer. What are my steps on how to collect money from […]


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Despite the popular myth, cyberspace isn’t the Wild West. Know the rules and protect yourself. You have a brilliant idea at 3 a.m on a Saturday. You turn on the computer, access the internet and register your domain name. Over the next 24 hours, you set up a PayPal account, get a template website, slap up […]


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More naches and brag–this time on the issue of extending credit to customers. See Melanie Lindner’s piece in on “How Much Credit do Customers Deserve?” She and I talked about the changing economic climate (euphemism) and whether it made sense for businesses to extend credit to customers. Whenever you extend credit (which occurs any […]


You provide your services 7 weeks late without explanation You don’t have the expertise to do what the client wants You share the client’s confidential information on Twitter You overcharge the client for “miscellaneous expenses” You filch someone else’s digital photos and upload them to your client’s website You don’t listen to what your client […]


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If I had a nickel for every time someone told me that he or she did something business-related with a friend/acquaintance and it ended disastrously, I’d be writing these blog posts from my trans-oceanic yacht. The moral of the story (in case you’re pressed for time): Whenever you are hiring someone (or being hired) to […]


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OK, I’ll confess that my feathers are a little ruffled today (maybe a case of a bad night’s sleep), but seeing Guy Kawaskai’s Top Ten (Sixteen) Lies of Lawyers just stuck in my craw. I can handle lawyer jokes just fine, but after seeing so many entrepreneurs shoot themselves in the foot because they were […]

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