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If you have any inclination to work with a business partner, I hope you’ll be joining me for my FREE Entrepreneur’s Prenup teleseminar.  It’s easy to identify the high points, but the low points tend to get glossed over.  Learn what they are so that you can avoid them!  Sign up today!


No, not the one that is filled with coffee filters and stale snacks. What does your “kitchen cabinet” of business advisers look like? Known as “The Small Biz Lady,” Melinda Emerson, small business consultant, speaker and author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, took a moment with me at the New York Times […]


True confessions: I’m a bit of a slug the first couple of weeks of the year. Partly because my body has not recovered from the non-stop stuff-your-face-fest that began with too many jelly doughnuts on Chanukah, juggernauted its way through Cousin Jen’s homemade mozzarella-cheese-and-pepperoni Stromboli as Christmas Dinner appetizer, and slid into cheap champagne brunches […]


They fail to pay attention to their finances. Most small business owners are so busy running the business, that they don’t pay attention to their cash flow statement from June. (Be honest – have you done this yet?) At the New York Times Small Business Summit, I was able to get some more secrets to […]


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Beginning tomorrow, award-winning global brand analyst Mary van de Wiel (aka Van) and nine other creative visionaries (including moi) will share their insider strategies with entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and startup CEOs through a FREE online Brand Reinvention Summit.  This innovative summit is designed to help struggling businesses rethink, revitalize and repackage their brands to get […]


Venture capital attorney Jennifer Hill took a few minutes with me to talk about business owners who are raising capital – and what they need to know so that they avoid making big, costly mistakes. Jennifer and I spoke about working with traditional venture capital and private equity firms and the changing landscape of crowd-funding, […]

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If you’re an entrepreneur, startup CEO and small-business owner, you know how important your brand is to your success. That’s why I’m thrilled to be speaking at the upcoming Brand Reinvention Summit on October 1 and 2. It’s an interview series that you’ll be able to listen to online and learn about the greatness that […]


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FREE teleseminar, previewing my soon-to-be-released home study course on how to choose a business partner who won’t [bleep] you.  One week from today!


“What are you grateful for?” I ask that question in my pre-Thanksgiving issue of All Systems Go! I said: I’m grateful to all of YOU who read All Systems Go! and reach out to share your thoughts and ideas. Grateful to family and friends for all their support (especially my husband, Joe) in helping me ROCK my […]


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Want to choose the right business partner and change your business from tailspin to steady?  I will be sharing one of the imperative and significant areas YOU MUST KNOW to be sure you’re on the right path with your business partner (whether current or intended). This call will be jam-packed with info you can use […]