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Q.: I have always been advised, by CPAs, that until a small company has a specific NET income of approximately $100,000, incorporating is out of the question.  The fees associated with Inc. may not be worth the trouble of incorporating. Wrong? If wrong, why? Thank you. A.: A $100,000 threshold?  Hmmm.  Plenty of companies are […]


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I was recently contacted by an entrepreneur (“Marie”) for a “rush job”: She had formed an S-Corporation about a year ago, and now a couple of investors were waiting in the wings to take an equity piece of her company. She needed the deal signed, sealed and delivered within two weeks. Now I won’t say that’s […]


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Why open yourself up to personal liability when you don’t need to?  Today’s query comes from someone wanting to know that fundamental first question: “What form of business should I be?” Q.:  I’m wondering what kind of company you would recommend for me to register under for a clothing company. I was thinking going Limited […]


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Investors can be a real boon to your business, but no question–they’ll want a piece of the action.  What’s involved in issuing shares to them? Q: We currently have a market cap of $200,000 (2,000 shares X $100 per share). We were wondering how to authorize new shares to new investors. A: It’s not unusual for companies […]


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When you’re in business by yourself, the math is easy.  But when you have multiple owners, how should you share the spoils?  That’s the nature of this week’s basic training post. Q: How should I divide profits in an LLC? A: Especially in an LLC, you have many options for how to divide your profits. There’s no hard-and-fast […]


A DBA – or Doing Business As name – will keep your business in good legal standing, so it’s a good idea to file a DBA as soon as possible after launching your company. The DBA or Fictitious Business Name designation was created as a form of consumer protection, to prevent business owners from operating […]


Should I operate business as a sole proprietor? You certainly can, but is it the smart decision for your business – particularly if you want to scale or sell down the road? In this 60 second video on, I outline the 3 serious reasons to consider forming a formal business entity. The chief appeal […]


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Today’s post deals with the conundrum, how to account for business expenses without a company bank account, and how to set up a company without business funds? Q.:  “I recently formed an LLC to create an online store. Because I saved diligently I had enough money in my personal savings account to cover all setup […]


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Here are tips to help you avoid multiple headaches from having multiple business lines. Tough times call for creative measures. So it’s no surprise that many of the entrepreneurs I’ve encountered are taking on something new: a new line of business, a new venture, a new alliance, a new target market. Let’s look at a […]


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. . . but you can’t pick your partner’s nose. (Or can you?) I received an inquiry from someone who, I’m sorry to say, is going at this bass-ackwards. She’s chosen a business partner, but not the kind of business she wants to set up. She wants to control all the decisions, but seems more concerned […]

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