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As Seen On WomenandBiz.com Social media and social networking give us unprecedented power.  Power to create the word-of-mouth advocacy that leads to warmer leads, more loyalty customers, and brand leverage.  But how can you overcome social media “noise”?  How can you create your own community of “evangelists”—people willing and eager to spread the word? The […]


When business partners go their separate ways, well, it’s a lot like divorce.  There’s the temptation to squibble over “Who gets the cat?” “Who gets the couch?” But unless you’ve clearly outlined in your partnership agreement which of your marbles you’ll get to take home with you when the game is over, you could be […]


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By developing an electronic communications policy, you could keep your business out of trouble. Do your employees use e-mail for company correspondence? Do your business partners conduct research on the internet? Does your company regularly back up and store the contents of its company computers? If so, your business is ripe for an electronic media […]


What is content marketing? The dry definition of content marketing is “the creation and sharing of content in order to engage current and potential consumer bases.” More importantly, content marketing recognizes that in this confusing world, people need information.  Information they can trust. And people like to do business with those they know, like, and […]


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Blogging can be joy, bliss, burden, or boon for your business … and it can also be a trap for the unwary. There’s so much free stuff, it’s tempting to assume we can just take what we find. Not true. Here’s a helpful post from Tamara Dourney on a blog called “Registered Trademark 2” (no, […]

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From the Department of Nightmares comes this story of a David-and Goliath lawsuit. Apparently, online perfume retailer Perfume Bay has been embroiled in litigation with online auction site eBay (also spelled ebaY in its logo) for about the past three years. According to the Orange County Register, which profiled the case last month, Perfume Bay […]


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“Faster than a rolling O.  Stronger than silent E“—that’s the pace at which information (and misinformation) flies around in cyberspace. Even worse is when something written about you/your company comes back to slap you in the face like a coconut cream pie. In his post, “Should Personal Blogs Be Allowed and Permitted by Employers,” Kirk […]


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In some ways, the Internet is the Wild West . . . and Web 2.0 is like the Wild West meets the Sci-Fi Channel — unpredictable, potentially dangerous, and often bizarre. If you’re involved in, or thinking about, doing business online at all, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a great resource. They’re even hosting a […]

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For anyone with a website, here’s an instructive post from my namesake, California attorney Nina Yablok on privacy policies. She raises the excellent point that you need to be careful what you promise in your privacy policies. As long as you’re in control of the website, you may want to promise that you won’t share the […]

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This is becoming a burgeoning issue – and I’ve just found myself on the victim’s side of it!! Thanks to the way WomenEntrepreneur.com set up my blog, I’m able to see some of the comments and trackbacks to follow where my blog content is ending up in cyberspace.I followed one trackback link to another site […]