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Often because, in short, they don’€™t ask for it. I was chatting with Bunmi Zalob, publisher of’€™s Secret to Serenity blog, about “€œplaying small.” And why women seem to do it. The sad truth is that studies show that women do it to themselves over and over. A recent study showed that female entrepreneurs are far […]


This just in from the annals of Business Partner Horror Stories. Imagine going into work one day and your partner doesn’t show up.  Calls to his home ring and ring with no answering machine picking up.  Calls to the cellphone get sent straight to voice mail.  No response to your emails.  This goes on for […]

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As you look back on the past year, and think about planning for the future, you’ll ask yourself a question reminiscent of New York City’s former Mayor Ed Koch, “How’m I doin’?” So how are you doing? Did you have a good year and meet your targets? Is your business healthy, with a strong foundation? […]


Sometimes, it seems, you do have to look a gift horse in the mouth. As Sarah Needleman points out in her Wall Street Journal article, “Taking a Partner Can Help… or Hinder,” a promise of cash can lead to problems of control. When half of all businesses that try to borrow money don’t get any […]


In a word, “enough.” See what Chris Dixon has to say, via VentureHacks.  


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Business credit doesn’t happen on its own–and as business owners, we need it now more than ever.  This E-Myth podcast, featuring Trent Lee of Corporate Credit Concepts, talks about how to establish your business credit and ways that you take an active role in doing so.


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Making it through these challenging economic times is not just about ensuring an income (or cash) stream—it’ll also take economizing where you can.  This article from provides 50 handy ways to save money in these clever categories: Penny-pinching promotions Internet ideas Location logic Office overhead Insurance intelligence Employee economics Shipping savings Tax tactics Financial […]

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 When it comes to small-business financing, there seems to be a lot of lip service and very little financial service. It’s hard not to get cynical when you hear that “small businesses are the backbone of the economy” on the one hand, yet learn that the big Wall Street banks have slashed their small-business loan […]


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Last week, I interviewed Robert Bertsch, Esq., on Entrepreneur’s Daily Dose about legal issues involved with attracting investors online.  Some of the most frequently-asked questions concern confidentiality and staying in line with state and federal securities laws–aparticularly thorny if you’re going to post your Next Great Idea online. There are other issues, too, in choosing […]

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I’m a big fan of attorney Ryan Roberts and his StartUp Lawyer blog, and just couldn’t resist the title of his recent post, “Saks Does Not Take Restricted Stock.” He touches on the need to uncover the tolerance level of your business partner’s spouse/significant other for the uncertain time of sacrifice ahead. It’s similar to […]