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I was sitting with a colleague, Matt Clifford of The Island Financial Group last week, chatting about a range of things: the economy, is the administration’s Stimulus Package truly stimulating (or is it a handout), and how small business owners can protect themselves. Our conversation then moved to “whom can you trust?” With the seemingly […]

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This climate is exceptionally frustrating for entrepreneurs–a lot of the taxpayer stimulus money that was supposed to be sent to the banks to make loans to small businesses is being held up either in legislative approvals or by the banks themselves, which are tightening access to credit like a noose. I know many small-business owners […]


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When you start a business and it doesn’t do well, there can be consequences. Financial ones, especially. If you want to stick it to your creditors and walk away from the whole depressing, unprofitable endeavor, you can–that is, you have the ability to, provided that you’ve formed a limited liability entity, and “fraud” is not […]

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Christian Fea’s article, “First Steps to Forming a Strategic Alliance,” contains some solid advice:  select someone who isn’t a direct competitor, determine your target market, find providers of compatible products and services. But he seems to gloss over an important question:  “what is their income range?” Especially in tight times, income is an extremely important […]


You’ve been diligent about doing the work and now you’re ready to prove to the world that your business is ready to go to the next level. It’s an exciting time in the life of every business owner or entrepreneur – the time when you are ready to take in investors to scale your business. […]

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It’s only Jan. 2 (there was no WAY I was going to touch the computer yesterday), and already I’ve encountered a prime example of plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, or, for those of you Yogi Berra fans, it’s déjà vu all over again.In short, same s**t, different year. My New Year’s wish […]

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I am not a licensed accountant (nor do I play one on TV), but IRS rules exist in a weird twilight zone between accountancy and law. The Internal Revenue Code is, after all, a law, promulgated by legislators. But most legislators probably don’t have the background or knowledge base to be mucking about in this […]


Yes, lack of cash flow can kill any business, but it seems to hurt more in business partnerships. First, there’s the denial phase (“sure, we can continue to meet expenses and take our monthly draws”).  Then, there’s the belt-tightening phase (“we’ll hunker down, but this, too, shall pass”).  And then, like a slowly seeping poison, […]


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In these times of dire economic predictions, here’s a bold query from someone with a little too much cash on her hands. [And yes, I skipped “B”] Q.: It seems as though the larger my company gets, the more profit we show and the more money I just hand away to the government. What are […]


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Oh . . . it’s not what you think it is. This week’s “T” word is TAX. 🙂 Q.: How do I file a business tax return if I am married? I am starting a consulting business (LLC) with my sister; however, I plan to get married in the near future and I am concerned […]