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The “€œCase of the $65 Million Pants” got me thinking over the holiday about how small business owners can protect themselves against crazy lawsuits. Often, it’€™s not just (1) operating as a corporation or limited liability company to shield your personal assets, or (2) having the right contract provisions, or (3) knowing how to move a […]


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As a lawyer, I love what I do. I’m proud of how I do it. And sometimes, I hear about members of my profession who just make me want to spit. On them. From the Annals of the Preposterous, here’€™s a story which, if true (I have not personally verified the pleadings) is an appalling addition to […]


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Well there’€™s absolutely no reason that she can’t. Many attorneys are fun, interesting, caring people (you have to be, to go into a profession to solve people’€™s problems)! But the “I thought my attorney was on my side . . . until I got the bill” plaint has come up a few times since I published my […]


It’s such a good question.  (Although it’s usually asked this way:  How much equity should I give someone who wants to buy into my business? — which I think is the wrong question, for it assumes that you would want to do so). For a perspective on why you wouldn’t, check out this recent post […]


Post image for Tell me, Counsel — What Have You Done For Me Lately?

There’s the old (sad, pathetic, and worn, I might add) joke “whaddaya call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?”A good start.  And I know that SOMEone will point me to a treasure trove of other lawyer jokes.J So let me shed at least a little illumination on how to work with this prickly group […]


You spend months creating a product, designing a website, and having copy written and tested. You spend countless hours schmoozing joint venture partners. Then your launch day comes, you “push the button” and… The silence from lack of orders is deafening. Welcome to the persnickety world of joint ventures — in this context, more accurately […]


Post image for Even the Big Players Complain About Legal Bills

Everyone has a favorite “whipping boy,” and for entrepreneurs, lawyers and legal fees often fill that role.  Sigh. Well, entrepreneurs, you’re not alone.Seems a study of in-house and general counsel of major corporations in the UK have a similar gripe–in particular, that the bills are padded with junior associate time.There are ways to handle the legal fee […]


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Contrary to the impression of some, due diligence is not about spying or schnuckling around trying to dig up dirt on a potential business or alliance partner.  It’s sound business practice, all horror stories aside. So what kind of steps can you take?  As a first step, here’s a really helpful article by Frank Bruno […]


Q.:  What is sweat equity and how does it work? My husband has recently started a new job where the salary is $50,000; however, he only takes home $25,000. The other half is going into sweat equity. Is this a normal practice and how might my husband benefit from this?   Read on to find […]


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Why entrepreneurs shouldn’t do their own legal work. Women entrepreneurs shoulder many burdens, one of them often being their company’s legal work. They don’t mean to become their own in-house counsel, it just sort of happens. They don’t have an attorney when they start their business and are too busy, daunted and undercapitalized (or so […]