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“Sallie” was nervous, but excited. She had found the perfect space for her growing PR firm – near the center of town in an area that wasn’t yet high-end (so the rent was still affordable), but up-and-coming, with a vibe that fit her creative personality. The raw space had a lot of potential, and the […]


“Helen” needed someone to handle her bookkeeping and billing. It only took 1 or 2 days per week, but she didn’t have the time. What she did have was an actor friend who would do the work for her. But the money he wanted, coupled with the cost of social security, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, […]

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Are You Ready to Increase Your Office Staff… Without Employees? I reached a point in my law practice a number of years ago where I was stuck. Like, La Brea Tar Pits stuck. I had reached my fullest capacity – by myself — of serving clients, handling the billing, and going out to get more […]


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The amount of control you have over your workers affects their legal definition. Entrepreneurs continually face an age-old conundrum: You can’t grow your company without hiring more people. But you can’t hire anyone until the company has grown enough to afford employees. That’s why independent contractors are often an attractive option. They save business owners […]


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In light of our just-celebrated Labor Day, I thought I’€™d share a little something about the dangerous games that small business owners play when, in essence, they hire employees and pay them as independent contractors. From Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, 1594: What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name […]


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When entrepreneurs start their businesses, they have a number of “Holy Grails” in mind. One of them is being able to do business on a handshake (yikes!). Another is finding the perfect 1-page written agreement for use with their clients and vendors. Double yikes. And where does that “perfect agreement” reside?Somewhere on the Internet, of […]


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Ummm, virtually all of the time . . . ! However, they tend to operate as sole proprietorships, which has its dangers, not the least of which is unlimited liability in the face of lawsuits. There’€™s also a tendency not to see oneself as operating a business, but more like an employee in search of […]


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The official start of summer will soon arrive, and with it, millions of high school and college-age students available to help out in your business. Your eyes sparkle with the thought of getting staffing help at reasonable rates (read: cheap labor), which can give your business the boost that it needs.Good, cost-efficient idea, right? Not […]


If you do business on a handshake, don’t be surprised if the price is an arm and a leg. You’re starting your new company on a shoestring budget. You need a hot logo that really speaks to your brand. One of your closest friends is a graphic designer, and she offers to create it for […]


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Unless you’re working with microscopic font sizes, if you’re involved in a transaction of any consequence (and by that I mean consequence to you, not consequence to the national debt), I weigh in on the side of “fiction.” Every time I’m handed a “short-form” agreement–like the eight-page partnership agreement a business owner (a lawyer!) asked […]