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Terror gripped me. The Summons and Complaint for a malpractice had my name in the caption. I’m stunned. The client was a whack job, yet just 2 years into my law practice, my license was on the line. What could I do? I’m no dope. As a lawyer, I could have figured out most of […]


No, not the one that is filled with coffee filters and stale snacks. What does your “kitchen cabinet” of business advisers look like? Known as “The Small Biz Lady,” Melinda Emerson, small business consultant, speaker and author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, took a moment with me at the New York Times […]


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Leadership expert Ken Blanchard once said, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” But if you’re working solo (or in a small company), where will that feedback come from? Small and solo businesses can get feedback in several ways: A Board of Directors. If there is more than one owner in your company, you have automatic […]


If it were so easy to develop an ideal business proposal, every one could do it. Every time. It takes a delicate balance of salesmanship, listening to your customer, and knowing how much of your “secret sauce” to divulge. In this segment of MSNBC’s Your Business, I talk about how NOT to give away the […]


As seen in Enterprising Women Magazine “Janine” owned a highly successful women’s athletic apparel business (Swette, Inc.). She faced an issue common to companies ramping up and expanding:  the business outgrows the founders. Janine’s background was in sports apparel design.  So she saw soon enough that she needed outside brainpower to give Swette the foundation […]