business systems

My life has become an M. Night Shyamalan film. More specifically, Signs. If you’ve never seen it (and no worries about a spoiler alert, here), it involves a former priest, Graham (played by Mel Gibson), whose wife died in a horrific car accident. He has two children: a son, Morgan, who is asthmatic; and a […]


On a recent trip to Santa Monica, my husband and I stopped into 24 Hour Fitness Express. Armed with a free three-day pass and dressed to sweat, I was ready to climb the Stairmaster and pretend to work off the previous night’s dark chocolate lava cake dessert. Only there was a problem—I hadn’t carefully read […]


I’m sure you’re thinking there no way on God’s green earth that building business systems = fun. That you’d rather have root canal than sped time considering efficiencies in your business.  Well, get ready to have your perceptions shattered! Paradoxically, the act of creating business systems IS a creative act, and there are ways to […]