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Ah, youth. I wish I had been so motivated to change the world when I was a teen. I was more concerned with how geeky I looked in braces and participating in nerdy things like student government. Here’s how this week’s teen wants to make a difference: Q: I am trying to start up a […]


Sometimes, it seems, you do have to look a gift horse in the mouth. As Sarah Needleman points out in her Wall Street Journal article, “Taking a Partner Can Help… or Hinder,” a promise of cash can lead to problems of control. When half of all businesses that try to borrow money don’t get any […]


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Find an angel investor that’s a divine match for your business. Angels are often defined as “spiritual beings.” To the entrepreneur seeking a sizable cash infusion, angel investors might well seem heaven-sent. In addition to money, they typically offer value-added benefits such as expertise, experience, mentorship, creative ideas and contacts. But they are not necessarily […]


Not all business partners are actively involved in a company’s day-to-day operations.  Call them “passive investors,” “angel investors,” or “financial partners,” it all comes down to money and wanting a return on the investment.  As an example, Sequoia Capital, which provides capital and investment opportunities, has a checklist/outline on its site of what it likes to […]