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Be sure the business you’re buying is a strong, profitable brand with an untroubled history. Picture this: It’s Day One of your business. You have a business plan. Your operations manual is in place. You know your suppliers. Your branding has already been done and the business model has been tested, so you know it’s […]


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Just when you thought it was safe to use your business credit card to buffer the not-quite-robust-cash-flow experience you’ve been having, check again. This recent article from the Wall Street Journal online indicates that companies such as American Express are slashing credit lines–even for solid customers–when they are deemed a “credit risk.” If you check […]

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A commercial lease is nothing more than a kind of contract.  Except this one is for renting space that you’ll use for your business–instead of use for your residence. It’s daunting enough that the print on many leases is often in microscopic font (why do you think so many attorneys wear glasses?). But what do […]


Not knowing what the fine print on your contract says could take a costly bite out of your business. Yes, I know you’re a busy business owner. Yes, contracts can be tedious. And, yes, I know that sometimes the font used on these documents requires an electron microscope to read it properly. But as a […]