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The “€œCase of the $65 Million Pants” got me thinking over the holiday about how small business owners can protect themselves against crazy lawsuits. Often, it’€™s not just (1) operating as a corporation or limited liability company to shield your personal assets, or (2) having the right contract provisions, or (3) knowing how to move a […]


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Damaged corneas were probably not what Victoria’s Secret had in mind when it designed its cheeky (ha, ha) little “low-rise v-string” (part of the “Sexy Little Thing” line). According to a lawsuit brought by a California woman last month (see Today show interview), the thong flew apart and struck her in the eye. She declined […]


“Heather” was at her desk, reviewing accounts receivable reports. She grimaced as she saw the unpaid invoices from HiSpeed Technologies, Inc. She had done great work for them, and they continually praised her efforts – but what started out as a rough cash flow patch for them was turning into one excuse after another. Just […]


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A few years ago, there was a short-lived TV show called “€œKids Say the Darndest Things“. Well, in a similar vein, people bring lawsuits for the darndest reasons . . . which is why entrepreneurs are well-advised to protect themselves legally. But rather than get on my soapbox about protection, for today, let’€™s have a […]


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It’s an unfortunate aspect of American life that you can’t stop someone from bringing a frivolous lawsuit. Even some politicians have recognized the ways in which frivolous lawsuits can hamper America’s small businesses, and proposed legislation just last year — most notably, the “Frivolous Lawsuit Prevention Act of 2009” (S. 603), which apparently died in […]