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“Can I talk to you personally?” asked Linda. She seemed a little hesitant, so after we ran into each other at a networking event recently, we sat down over coffee. Linda had given some marketing work to a mutual colleague, Ingrid, whom I’ve known for many years. “I have to tell you that, categorically, I […]


We may like to think that animal training and child-rearing have nothing to do with establishing and maintaining business relationships with peers . . . but in some ways they’re not so different.  Puppies and babies and clients are like new love:  happiest when given a healthy set of boundaries and consistent expectations.  Here are […]


I used to get so angry when things wouldn’t work out with a client. You know the type: they get themselves into a mess well before they even come to you and then expect you to clean up the mess, set the world aright on its axis, and realign the constellations . . . all […]


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How will this year be different from all other years? Between texting, tweeting and e-mails — not to mention Facebook and LinkedIn — I sometimes wonder whether communication is becoming a lost art form. In a way, business has become far more impersonal. No need for face-to-face interactions, or even complete sentences. And, when conversing […]


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Are we taking whatever walks through the door because we’re afraid there won’t be another piece of business .  .  . ever? There’s an old adage, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” You could have the best possible systems in place for handling your clients and delivering your services. But […]