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Bit by bit, businesses small and large are moving away from using full-time employees. Why? The escalating costs of health care The thickets of employee legislation that impact smaller and smaller companies (like NYC’s recent move to a paid sick leave threshold of 5 employees, down from 20) The explosion of collaborative technologies that support the […]


It’s no secret that governments (Federal, state and local) are strapped for cash. One of the ways they’re seeking to fill the coffers is by cracking down more heavily on small businesses regarding their use of independent contractors (ICs). Why? ICs are handy way for small businesses to expand and contract their workforce as needed.  […]


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In my practice, I’m finding that the IRS and Department of Labor are getting more aggressive about enforcing the proper classification of workers. Essentially, they want to be sure that you’re not hiring a worker as an “independent contractor” (thus avoiding the payment of employment taxes), yet treating him/her as an employee by micromanaging every aspect […]


If you haven’t figured it out by now, you’ll learn that there’s no way a busy small business owner can accomplish everything you need to in a given day.  So you have two choices: leave things unfinished, or expand your capacity by developing a team. But creating a team–one that works effectively–is both art and […]


You’re a gun for hire. No, not in the “John-Wayne-with-spurs-clinking-down-a-tumbleweed-path” kind of gun for hire…more in the “you’re-brought-in-to-handle-the-tough-stuff” vein. For example, Epiphany, an up-and-coming clothing company based in Taos, New Mexico, needed consistent branding and attention, in order to attract the kinds of customers they wanted. They could design clothing, but designing a solid marketing […]


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You may roll your eyes and picture your grandmother waggling her finger in your face saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, young lady,” but she was right. How simple would it have been to floss regularly, instead of having to go through the time and expense of filling a cavity? My husband […]


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Q.: I have always been advised, by CPAs, that until a small company has a specific NET income of approximately $100,000, incorporating is out of the question.  The fees associated with Inc. may not be worth the trouble of incorporating. Wrong? If wrong, why? Thank you. A.: A $100,000 threshold?  Hmmm.  Plenty of companies are […]


“Sallie” was nervous, but excited. She had found the perfect space for her growing PR firm – near the center of town in an area that wasn’t yet high-end (so the rent was still affordable), but up-and-coming, with a vibe that fit her creative personality. The raw space had a lot of potential, and the […]


“Helen” needed someone to handle her bookkeeping and billing. It only took 1 or 2 days per week, but she didn’t have the time. What she did have was an actor friend who would do the work for her. But the money he wanted, coupled with the cost of social security, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, […]

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The amount of control you have over your workers affects their legal definition. Entrepreneurs continually face an age-old conundrum: You can’t grow your company without hiring more people. But you can’t hire anyone until the company has grown enough to afford employees. That’s why independent contractors are often an attractive option. They save business owners […]