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The best way to handle a lawsuit is to avoid getting into one.  Rare is the small business that has the funds set aside to pay for the lawyers (and possible judgment) of a lost case–heck, these companies often can’t afford to pay their owners a regular salary! So how do you keep lawsuits off […]


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In a recent round of litigation concerning online content hosts, the online complaint site Ripoff Report won a defamation (and trademark) lawsuit filed in Florida by a Colorado company. According to the site, the Ripoff Report is a worldwide consumer reporting website and publication by consumers, for consumers, to file and document complaints about companies […]


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Much as I swore I would not begin Chanukah/Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving (I am blessed with Jewish family and Catholic in-laws, so I get it from all sides), I did. The lure of the catalogs I received in the mail, and avoiding the lines, the stress and the rush, were too great. After sifting through […]