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I was able to grab a few minutes at the New York Times Small Business Summit with Richard Oceguera, the energetic President of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce of New York. The organization, known as the NGLCCNY, is a business advocate and a direct link between LGBT business owners and those who […]


No, not the one that is filled with coffee filters and stale snacks. What does your “kitchen cabinet” of business advisers look like? Known as “The Small Biz Lady,” Melinda Emerson, small business consultant, speaker and author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months, took a moment with me at the New York Times […]


They fail to pay attention to their finances. Most small business owners are so busy running the business, that they don’t pay attention to their cash flow statement from June. (Be honest – have you done this yet?) At the New York Times Small Business Summit, I was able to get some more secrets to […]


“What are you grateful for?” I ask that question in my pre-Thanksgiving issue of All Systems Go! I said: I’m grateful to all of YOU who read All Systems Go! and reach out to share your thoughts and ideas. Grateful to family and friends for all their support (especially my husband, Joe) in helping me ROCK my […]


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Want to choose the right business partner and change your business from tailspin to steady?  I will be sharing one of the imperative and significant areas YOU MUST KNOW to be sure you’re on the right path with your business partner (whether current or intended). This call will be jam-packed with info you can use […]


In my law practice, I have worked with thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs who consistently struggle with a huge problem: how to get more customers. Recently, at the New York Times Small Business Summit, I interviewed Wendi Caplan-Carroll, of the popular e-mail marketing service Constant Contact. I asked Wendi questions that are on […]


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In this economy, cash may be too tight to indulge in those grand expansion plans.  But have you considered looking in your own backyard?  That is, by leveraging the business relationships you already have? Join me at NAWBO-NYC’s Entrepreneur’s Roundtable from 6 to 9 p.m.  Through an interactive workshop, we’ll explore how to: Think strategically […]


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Well, is it?  Have you created a company or a product line that someone might want to buy, or have you worked yourself into a job where, if you take time off, you don’t earn money? If you’re in the New York City area, join me at the Brain Exchange Roundtable from 6 to 8 […]


As a business owner looking to grow, there may have been times when you’ve been strapped for the cash you need to scale your business. (Now, perhaps?) Instead of turning to traditional methods of loans or angel investors, you might be thinking of going to the Bank of Mom and Dad, or another person with […]


Today Show and CNN “Reinvention Expert” Eli Davidson introduces me as one of the “top business attorneys in the country” at the BRAVA Conference, an invitation-only event for women who know playing small is no longer an option for them. I’m sharing this video clip with you because I talk about a serious problem that […]