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Q: For how long are employee non-compete agreements normally valid?  If a person signs such an agreement, leaves the company for a period of time and then comes back to the company, is he/she still bound by such an agreement even if he did not sign it again?  Is such an agreement valid for customers […]


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From my colleague Stephen Furnari comes this intelligent article on how to make employment non-compete agreements “stick.”  Courts are generally loathe to enforce an agreement that would keep someone out of gainful employment; companies are loathe to employ people who will walk away with their customer base and trade secrets. So a delicate balance needs […]


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Well-crafted employment documents can protect your company from losing employees to the competition. You’ve built a company. You’ve created valuable intellectual property, and you have a great stable of solid clients. You need employees to move the business forward, but the last thing you want to do is spend valuable time and money training your […]